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Gold Price in Canada

The chart below shows how the spot price of gold is trending over the last month. To learn about gold spot price and how it differs from gold bullion product prices see Gold Spot Price FAQs.

XAU/CAD is the symbol for the spot price of gold in Canadian dollars. It represents how many Canadian dollars are required to purchase one troy ounce of gold at the spot price.

To compare the gold spot price in Canadian dollars with the silver spot price, use the XAG/CAD symbol in the comparison tool in the chart. For platinum use XPT/CAD.

Gold Spot Price (XAU/CAD)
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Chart Features

Navigate the gold price chart above with these useful features.

Gold Price History Insights

By selecting the ‘Max’ range in the chart above, you will see how the price of gold has trended since 2003.

You may focus on more recent historical prices by selecting ‘Y’ to see gold price action over the last 12 months.

The ‘2Y’ range will show you the trend over the last two years.

Compare gold price history against different assets:

Gold Spot Price FAQs